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About Us

"We are between two forested worlds–the natural forest of pre-[European] settlement North America and the recovered forest of the future… The earlier forested world is not dead. We are studying and struggling to preserve its living remnants. And we do not believe that the future forest is powerless to be born. These remnants–with our help–will become the seeds from which a renewed forest spreads."

- Mary Byrd Davis

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Founded by volunteers in 2020, Standing Trees is a community of forest lovers and wildlands advocates who are dedicated to advancing policy and legal solutions that protect and restore New England's native forests. Standing Trees serves as a watchdog for state and federal agencies and ensures that land-managers and policymakers follow the latest climate and biodiversity science.

Standing Trees believes in a future where:

  • New England's citizens and natural ecosystems, alike, are supported by just and equitable policies and practices;

  • Wild nature is recognized for its intrinsic value as well as for the clean water, clean air, carbon storage, recreation and public health benefits that it provides. Where we live up to EO Wilson’s assertion that “Nature needs half.”

  • New England's federal and state lands are a setting upon which people nurture a reciprocal relationship with all beings, including human;

  • New England's public lands and waters – held in trust – are managed passively to maximize carbon storage and clean water, and protect intact habitat for the region's native biodiversity;

  • Indigenous concepts of reciprocal relationships, and modern science embodied in the concepts of proforestation and rewilding, guide us to greater balance in forest management;

  • New England's indigenous communities are reintegrated with the lands and waters where their cultures originated and flourished;

  • New England's private forestlands are a balanced mix of managed and wild, providing locally-sourced forest products from firewood to maple syrup, supporting native biodiversity, and provisioning ecosystem services.

We believe in Standing Trees.

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